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Sour Joe
Starter origin story:
After a month of struggling to start my own sourdough starter in an old Ohio farmhouse during winter, I finally surrendered and sought help from a friend's father. Joe, whose starter goes by the name Sour Joe, graciously shared some of his starter with me in December. From the moment I began feeding Sour Joe, I was amazed by her robust activity and lively bubbles. With such a strong start, I call it quits on starting my own efforts to create a starter from scratch. Joe started Sour Joe about 5 years ago before sharing his off spring which became a female Sour Joe :)
Unique qualities:
Sour Joe is very resilient and gets to stay on the counter daily other than a few hibernations in the fridge for vacations. She gets fed about once a day even when I am not baking but gets to give us fresh bread weekly!
My starter likes/dislikes:
Sour Joe loves a night time feeding of all purpose flour or bread flour. We haven't expanded past the basic flours because she has been so strong on our basic easy to get our hands on flours!
About the baker:
I have been baking my whole life and have always loved being in the kitchen. I am a self taught sourdough baker (and learning mainly from google research and instagram!). I work a 9-5 in the nutrition and wellness space so sourdough was intriguing to me for all the health benefits. I just started baking and selling sourdough in January of this year and have been loving every minute of it!

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  • Simpel Sourdough is driven by the passionate sourdough bakers, AnneSofie and Peter. Located at Fischers Plads in Viborg, Denmark, Simpel Sourdough is both a café and bakery. In addition to their delectable offerings, Simpel Sourdough also offers courses, including online options. The webshop is personally run by the owners themselves, and their tools are locally produced. The majority of their core products are handmade by the skilled craftsman, Jan. Since 2019, Simpel Sourdough has been helping both Danes and English speakers master the art of baking sourdough bread. It all began on YouTube with the channel "Simpel Surdej" and later "Simpel Sourdough." These channels still exist, offering a wealth of exciting learning and fun videos.

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  • This all-in-one handbook shares her best tips, tricks and troubleshooting tools for showstopping sourdough success. With practical solutions to every obstacle―whether it’s a busy schedule, slow-to-grow starter or overproofed dough―Elaine proves that everyone can bake beautiful, delicious sourdough with confidence.

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  • My name is Ilgin. I have had a love for cooking for as long as I can remember.

    I was born and raised in Turkey, in a very traditional Mediterranean household, which revolved around wholesome, natural, home-cooked food.

    My culinary passion led me to explore the world of sourdough baking so in January 2019 I set up 'Just Sourdough by Ilgin' in order to share my passion and enthusiasm and spread the sourdough love.

    In June 2021, I received the Bronze Award in the Enriched Sourdough category of the Scottish Bread Championships at the Royal Highland Show.

    I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed as a Real Bread Campaign Ambassador in July 2021.

    I am also very honoured to have been asked to be the Sourdough Category Leader Judge at the World Bread Awards 2022.

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