Sourdough breadmaking has a lot of steps and lots of time between each one. Forgetting a step can undermine days of effort. Besides keeping track of each step, recipes work differently at different temperatures, you need to adapt your recipe based on how long it takes for your sourdough starter to peak at the current ambient temperature for your area.

But instead of constantly changing your recipe and setting timers for each step, there has to be a better way, right!? That's exactly what I thought when I started developing the Autoproofer app. Over a year later, it's finally ready to release to the public.

Just released, the Autoproofer app tailors sourdough recipes to your unique starter's performance, and prompts you every step of the way to make the sourdough process as easy as possible.

Take a look at the mean features below, then choose your platform below to give it a go!

Tailor each recipe to your starter and your environment
Android, Apple iOS or on your desktop
Native apps, Progressive Web Apps or via a browser
Notifications for every step along the way
No two starters are alike, Autoproofer adapts the recipes for you
Walks you though each step and reminds you when each step is due
Login from multiple devices to get notifications across them all
Step by step guidance
See details of the upcoming step with a countdown
Notifications on every device from mobile to desktop
Tailor each bake
Change the cold proofing time to achieve the flavor profile you want
Recipes adapt to your sourdough starter
How many loaves?
Take notes like a pro
Print bakes at any time
Bakes are archived so you can review anytime
Make notes on each step
Integrated videos and pictures
Key steps can be illustrated with embedded video or pictures
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